My Timeless Timber

Original Acrylic Paintings on Wood

Preserved in Epoxy Resin

Inspired by Nature (Using Already Downed Tree Branches)

Art by Bethany Ann C.

Timbers Made From Fallen Branches

All of my Timber paintings are done on wooden rings that have been processed from wood I have collected from various hikes and trails. I do not cut down any branches or limbs. I only use the downed branches I find.

The Artist


Hi! I am Bethany! Thank you for being here with me. I am a nature enthusiast that loves art! Naturally these come together in my creations. I classify my style as whimsical realism. I am self-taught and always learning. I started My Timeless Timber in 2017. My husband and I had been collecting fallen tree branches from our camping trips and had the idea to paint them and make pendants. Now, I paint on a variety of wood shapes/branches. Each Timber is unique and one-of-a-kind.


Its beautiful!!! And I looove the shape! This is perfect. Thank you for the beautiful art piece. I really love it!

Sandy M.

Ok guys, I have to brag about my dear friend Bethany, one talented woman who’s business is called Timeless Timber. She paints gorgeous scenery on reclaimed wood from fallen branches. Her original pieces are breathtaking. She can even create customized pieces. I took this picture at my moms all time favorite place and she perfectly captured it. She turns these beauties into necklaces and bracelets so we can enjoy them every day! I am so grateful for her talent and my mom will cherish this forever.

Marisa R.

Every Timber is completely unique and original. It's a one-of-a-kind product that is great for gifts. I have a few myself and can't get enough!

Beverly C.